Massey Tractor price in Pakistan 2023

Tractor price in Pakistan 2023. Millat Tractors Ltd. has been producing tractors utilizing Massey Ferguson’s cutting-edge technology. The Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices 2023 have been revised this October. Millat tractors are dominating the Pakistan tractor industry, with their Prices, Technology review, Specifications, and most sought-after models. Their Market share exceeds 60%, far outshining all other tractor companies in Pakistan.

Massey tractor price in Pakistan 2023

Latest Tractor price list April 2023

Massey Tractor ModelOld PriceNew price 2023
MF 240 2WD – 50HP1,894,000Rs. 2,020,000
MF 260 Special Edtion2,232,000Rs. 2,350,000
MF 260 2WD  -60HP2,185,000Rs. 3,514,000
MF 360-2WD – 60P2,307,000Rs. 3,102,000
MF 360-4WD – 60HP3,222,000Rs. 3,222,000
MF 375-2WD – 75HP2,885,000Rs. 3,102,000
MF375-4WD – 75HP3,823,000Rs. 4,165,000
MF 385-2WD – 85HP2,992,000Rs. 3,213,000
MF 385 (4WD) – 85HP3,902,000Rs. 4,282,000

Massey Ferguson / Millat Tractors Review:

The Massey Ferguson models are known to have a strong rear portion, which is why farmers typically employ them for haulage purposes. The Sugarcane areas in particular are packed with Massey Ferguson tractors, as compared to the Al Ghazi New Holland tractors which have more frequent axle tube breakage problems. Though, for farming activities, such as employing implements, the MF models are not as reliable as their engine is not able to withstand the heat in such conditions.

Latest Tractor price in Pakistan 2023 for farmers consider

The farmers consider the engines of MF models to be weak in terms of durability and endurance. This is why the engines are known to heat up quickly if used with the PTO power or implements in the field. Of late, numerous engine issues have been raised against the more recently released MF models. Those wanting to employ their tractors for farming should invest in Al Ghazi New Holland models instead.

Millat Tractors Dealership and After Sales Service Network:

Currently, the most popular MF models are the MF260 and the MF385, with the latter being a very sought-after option in areas with sugar mills. Millat tractors have dealerships throughout the four Provinces of Pakistan and provide a one year/1200 hour running warranty with their tractors, including the guarantee of a replacement for any parts that are damaged during this period. Moreover, their authorised workshops are located in each city to provide after-sales services. Customers can purchase/book their tractors from these dealerships.

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